The Little Miracle Plant – Ashitaba

Remember Dr. Cowan who I interviewed on both of my Inner Wisdom Eating Summits? Today I purchased my very own ASHITABA plant from Dr. Cowan’s Garden!! Enter: DRCOWANSGARDEN at checkout and receive 15% off your entire order!

Type INNERWISDOM15 at check out and get a discount on your purchase,

You can get the dried powdered Ashitaba as well on his website.

A member of the angelica family, ashitaba is native to the islands of Japan and the Philippines. Partial to rich, volcanic soils near cooling ocean breezes, ashitaba is more nutrient dense than other commonly eaten garden vegetables.

Ashitaba is perhaps one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables on the planet, containing more Vitamin B6 and B12 than your typical green vegetable. Studies indicate that it boosts the immune system, is diuretic, enhances stomach and intestine functions, and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It also contains rich stores of potassium and manganese, which help ease diabetes, and it stimulates nerve growth factor (NGF), which is a protein that maintains the health connection between neurons and the brain.

It even has the power to rejuvenate your body’s cell properties, and many people claim they look younger after regular consumption of Ashitaba.

In addition, the chalcones, a yellow pigment found in the Ashitaba stem, is being intensively studied for its cell-regulating properties. You can buy your own ASHITABA plants from Dr. Cowan’s Garden.

My plants are growing taller by the day and I can hardly wait to start using them in my meals!

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