Healthy Cleaning Potions Hack

I have not purchased any toxic items for years. ????????????????

Household cleaners, personal care products, perfumes, and other consumer and industrial products emit chemicals known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

Researchers led by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that as cars have gotten cleaner, tailpipe emissions have gone down. As a result, the researchers estimate that emissions from consumer and industrial products now contribute HALF of the VOCs that cause air pollution. We can do better!! ????

You can make these easy home cleaning recipes on the fly and help protect the environment and your health. Conventional products with VOCs can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and breathing. Breathing VOCs can also damage the central nervous system, as well as other organs. Some VOCs can cause cancer.

Because the concentrations are usually pretty low land the symptoms are slow to develop, research into VOCs and their effects is not simple.

Try these: *FYI: Use amber glass spray bottles versus plastic which leaches harmful chemicals into your finished product, and the air that you breathe. ????????

*All Purpose Cleaning Basic: Simply mix 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup baking soda. Add lavender or lemon essential oil. ????????????????????????????????

*All Purpose Cleaning Advanced: Don’t throw away citrus peels!

Lemons, limes, grapefruit or oranges… Add the peels to a large mason jar, and cover them with vinegar. The jar should be about half full of peels. Cover it with a lid, and let it sit for two weeks for the citrus to infuse.
After two weeks, strain the mixture through a sieve into a bowl and discard the peels. Pour the cleaner into a bottle and use it as an all purpose-cleaner. Add herb essential oils like clove, thyme, or rosemary! Lavender is lovely too….

*Homemade Air Purifier: Mix 15-20 drops of essential oils (your choice) with 1 tbsp of Baking Soda in a large bowl. Add 2 cups of water and mix until dissolved. Pour into spray bottle and label.

How do you navigate the wide world of natural product lines?

I have hooked up with two that I put my name on. One is Beautycounter, a company based in Santa Monica, CA, that takes ingredient safety seriously. Over 1,800 ingredients are never used in their formulations—they call this The Never List™. They also go above and beyond to test every ingredient against their high standards in pursuit of clean beauty. Another beauty brand I trust 100% is Tata Harper.

A top notch essential oils company that I support, and am affiliated with, is Young Living. They share a huge commitment to plant purity and essential oil potency. Do Terra is another high quality brand.

I am available to help you with cleaner health and beauty.

Get in touch with me immediately!

Note: Essential oils are absolutely not all distilled or processed the same. Some are not pure and may contain things that you would not want to ingest. Cheaper isn’t better. Buy from private companies and not Amazon.

What are you currently using at home for cleaning and primping?? ????????

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