Six Month Overwhelmed to Energized Program

This all inclusive program is a perfect fit for you if ……

  • You’ve been struggling with long-standing ailments, nagging health issues, health struggles stemming from chronic stress and trauma.
  • You’re looking for a one-on-one relationship with your own personal nutritionist and life coach…. This program offers the uppermost level of hands-on care, personalized guidance, side-by-side support, and resources created for your specific needs.
  • You’re wanting to take a deep-dive into your lifelong health journey, dissecting your health equation, the long-term events which are causing your issues and how to banish them not just in the short-term, but for the rest of your life.

Program Includes

  • We’ll work together to build you an action plan for nutrition, sleep, exercise, grounding, mindfulness, stress, supplements, and other health-related lifestyle factors
  • 2 – 50- Minute sessions per month to help you achieve your best results.

  • CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic Health Panel, Biochemical Imbalances, Food Sensitivities, Micronutrients, Brain Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Gut Health/Microbiome, Genetics, Heavy Metals, Cortisol, Neurotransmitter Function etc. (extra fee for testing)
  • Resources/tasks customized to your specific needs, from somatic therapeutic tasks to body-mind spiritual exercises and everything in between.
  • 180-days of voxer access for quick coaching, feedback, & celebrations.

*Cost of labs and supplements are not included

Program Benefits

  • Uncover your personalized roadmap for nutritional and biochemical support by understanding the root causes of your trauma, mood and behaviors.
  • Feel in control of your own body by utilizing nutrition & lifestyle practices to shift away from stress, worry, anxiety and self-doubt.
  • Fix chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and autoimmune conditions by understanding the predisposing factors and triggers that keep you stuck in a dysregulated state of overwhelm.
  • Improve mood, focus, energy, stress levels, and sleep by making simple, personalized dietary and lifestyle changes.
  • Improve your digestion, vagal nerve, neurotransmitter, immune, hormone and detoxification function offering you better resistance to stress, anxiety, aging, and illness.
  • Achieve and maintain your goal weight using a custom meal plan, food support, and personalized recipes.