Pantry Rehab

Ultra-customized holistic menu plans with ingredients, portions, and recipes designed to amplify and nurture your body & soul.

Cooking Classes

Private & group in-home cooking classes help you master your own nourishment. Learn to populate your plate with the fresh fare that works best for your body.

Market Tour

Learn to navigate the aisles of your favorite supermarket with a compass calibrated for your personal wellness.

Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing® analyzes, evaluates and interprets objective physiological and biochemical indicators in order to define the way we respond to nutrients.

Monthly Meal Planning

Personalized, customized, high-energy REAL food plans designed for your own body’s needs

Toxin Free Life Styling

The toxic free lifestyle is the will to eliminate as many toxic chemicals as you can from your daily life.

Lab Testing

Foster an understanding of your roots, trends, and symptoms through this fundamental foundation of functional health.