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I'm glad you're here!

I’m Cat Dillon, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Life & Behavior Coach, and Chef.

I combine the wisdom of whole food & Paleo-styled nutrition with  transformational coaching methods to support people just like you.  Together, we can uncover and heal the root causes of your frustrating patterns of self-sabotage, your cravings, and your overeating.

In short, I’m here so that you can finally stop the struggle.

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Helping Others Find Their Own Personal Roadmap to Resiliency and Vitality in Their Life and Body!


Holistic Behavior Intervention

Realign your relationship with food, and forge powerful, graceful connections with the beauty of eating. Break your patterns to reveal a fresh and light mindset towards the way you connect with fueling your body.

Lab Testing

Foster an understanding of your roots, trends, and symptoms through this fundamental foundation of functional health.

Lifestyle Audits

A professional holistic review of your daily walk through the world. Blueprints for stronger health structures & road maps for smoother paths to better days.

Market Tours

Foster an understanding of your roots, trends, and symptoms through this fundamental foundation of functional health.

Cooking Classes

Private & group in-home cooking classes help you master your own nourishment. Learn to populate your plate with the fresh fare that works best for your body.

Meal Planning

Ultra-customized holistic menu plans with ingredients, portions, and recipes designed to amplify and nurture your body & soul.

Pantry Rehabs

A guided exploration of your kitchen spaces, making room for foods that help you flourish. A starting point for change.

Toxin-free Lifestyling

Ultra-customized holistic menu plans with ingredients, portions, and recipes designed to amplify and nurture your body & soul.

Join my free community

The ultimate guru is inside of YOU!

Your inner wisdom is innate and always present. When you learn to listen to your inner guide you’ll find it so much easier to create positive changes in your life. It simply takes a willingness to slow down, move beyond your conscious mind and connect to your inner guide.

This is a group for like-minded people like us to connect with one another around how tuning into our body helps our eating, healing and living.


"Cat has a lovely ability that made me felt seen, heard and understood. The warmth and kindness she brought to our session put me at ease immediately and I felt I could tell her anything. Her knowledge, caring and the guidance I received has empowered and inspired me to take the next step in my healing journey and for this I am deeply grateful."

Jen M.
Sydney, Australia

The session was really encouraging and I love that you seem to understand how small steps needed to be in order to feel possible for me to try. It helped me to have more compassion for my body.

Hannah B.

Cat was there for me in a very supportive, patient and caring way when I was having a melt down. Her professional dedication and obvious passion for what she does is evident when speaking with her but also in her follow up after and between sessions.

Tanya B.
Palm Springs, CA

I would recommend Cat to anyone looking to fuel themselves and not be in the kitchen all the time. Cat helped me get my s#*+ together in the kitchen. I have 2 kids and they eat a lot. My husband and I love good food and she helped me get on track to shop, plan and prepare more so I have enough for delicious lunches the next day. She gave me great ideas to implement better choices and have great tasting food. Thanks Cat you’re awesome!

Alison L.

A lot of good información in the "28 days rebalance your gut" program with recipes that use spices and a combination of food to reduce inflamatión. Cat Dillon is very professional and has a lot of resources to help manage not only nutritional issues but also stress management. I strongly recommend her.

Elizabeth H.

Last year I decided to sign up for one of Cat's plans because... 2020. I needed some advice on how I could change my diet for the better. I was able to lose bad weight, change some habits and gain several hours of sleep per week. Cat takes time to listen and tailors a plan to your specific needs. She was extremely personable and a pleasure to spend online time with. It's not only about losing weight, it's a lifestyle change. Highly recommended.

Leila M
Miami, Fl

Cat’s approach to optimal health is infectious.
With her generous wisdom and guidance I have lost 30 lbs in 3 months. Not only am I losing weight but I’ve learned how to eat without guilt, shame and deprivation. My journey is still developing and weight loss is only a small facet but the clarity and roadmap provided has been a real breakthrough for me.

Miranda S.
Carlsbad, CA

"Cat is a supportive health nutritionist that listens to your concerns and creates a plan that works individually just for you. She is quick to respond if you have any questions. Her food plans are not only good for you but are totally delicious. She is amazing to work with and knows more about healthy food fitness then I ever new was possible. She checks in with you regularly and has an app that helps you track your progress. You are not just a client to her but a friend she wants to see succeed."

Gianni R.
Encinitas, CA

“Cat Dillon is a rock star of nutrition and wellness. Her expertise and creativity are highly honed. Trust Cat.”

Claire D.
New York

"Working with Cat has been a joyful and inspirational experience for me. She truly offers non-judgemental suggestions for transforming life! She is "real" and does not expect perfection for her clients! Finally, her knowledge base regarding food, cooking, exercise, naturopathic type of medicine and nurturing one's self holistically is so abundant it just seems to flow right out in every conversation. Of course that takes much research and learning on her part and she is a dedicated professional who follows through with her clients. Cat Dillon is truly an awesome coach and advisor! (Not to mention an amazing chef - who designs delicious and beautiful plates filled with nutrients that make you feel good!)"

Tanya R.

"Does my plate have a lot of color? Am I eating “certified organic” or “organic” foods? There is a difference! Cat also taught me to look at the restaurant menus in a completely different way which makes my restaurant menu choices healthier. Thank you Cat!!"

Oakley S.
"Your support, enthusiasm, and encouragement (not to mention your encyclopedic knowledge of seemingly everything!) truly helped me heal and recover from inside out from what was surely the hardest year of my life."
A. Shapiro
New York

"Cat is the best coach/motivator I've ever had!  She helped me set realistic goals that were achievable.  She is sincere and knowledgable, enthusiastic, and a wonderful communicator.  I highly recommend her".

Neyleen K.
Vancouver, BC

"Being in the health & wellness industry, I am always looking for those who share the same level of passion as I do, and Cat is one of those people.  She has a deep desire & commitment to support others in their quest to being whole & healthy.  She communicates clearly what you need for you, your body type and most importantly she shares her own experiences so that you don't feel alone in your journey to total health."

Alejandra C.

"Cat developed a program for me that reduced inflammation in my body, which has helped me to manage and heal my chronic injuries.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, super nice, professional, and always there to help and provide support every step of the way."

Julie C.
San Diego

"My mom and I joined one of Cat's Cooking Workshops. We had such a wonderful time!  We still talk about her class and what a great experience we had!"

Brianna A.
San Diego

"I am an active individual, but my cholesterol was high.  Cat listened to me attentively and gave me some suggestions.  My entire body feels so very different."

Dylan M.
Vancouver BC

"Cat recommended my Dr. order some tests, including food sensitivity, due to  symptoms I was having.   As a result, my eating habits have changed dramatically and I feel and look great."

Jazmin C.
Las Vegas

"I have been supported, encouraged, and challenged while working with Cat. She is available when I need support or information. Our one-on-one coaching sessions always leave me feeling empowered and excited about my journey..."

Shanti M.

Cat was amazing! She’s so caring and thoughtful of her time with you. I learned so much in our time together. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make lasting changes in their health!


Cat is an amazing knowledgeable, inspiring, motivating kind soul. I’m so thankful for her expertise and knowledge! I highly recommend her services!

Joana Guest

I'm so grateful Cat Dillon came into my life. She's incredibly caring and has helped me understand food as medicine. It's as if she didn't just 'study' nutrition. I'd highly recommend seeing Cat for functional nutrition. Her services are health and life changing. Cat  was born to heal people with food, to educate, and to design culinary beauty for the palette and eye like Michaelangelo was born to scupt. It's not hyperbole. And it tastes exquisite.

Steph Z.
Encinitas, CA

Cat is incredibly knowledgable, helpful and supportive in my journey. With her help I have made the recent connection that in the past I restricted from a self-loathing place and now I'm choosing not to eat certain foods because I am truly beginning to love myself. Learning more about my nervous system and how my disordered food behaviors are a symptom of being in constant fight or flight has been ground breaking!

Alexis E.
North East, MD


21 Day Stressed Gut Reset Program

This 21 DAY Stressed Gut reset gets you the results of calming your nervous system, improving your digestion, sleep, energy, mood, and self-control. It’s a reset and a course, in that you will learn skills to achieve and attain results for life!

7 Day Chakra Rebalance

This course focuses on imparting knowledge and skills required to help heal traumas, bolster creativity, improve self-esteem, build better relationships, communicate more effectively, sharpen intuition, and strengthen spiritual connections. Includes a 1-hour private session with Cat Dillon, RHN.

Stress & Anxiety Support Meal Plan

Nutrition plays an important role in managing anxiety by regulating neurotransmitters and blood sugar. This sugar-free program is high in essential fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin B6, iron, polyphenols, probiotics and fiber to offer extra support during times of stress.

Do something beautiful for yourself, and take advantage of a complimentary consultation.