Twelve Week Well Woman Program

Did you ever wonder why so many super-health-conscious folks who eat high quality nutritious foods are still not overflowing with wellness?  Why are some of them STILL sick?  How is it possible that avoiding junk food and refined sugars hasn’t solved their health concerns?  Why haven’t their food choices eased their suffering?

While there can certainly be many reasons, one of the big ones is related to not eating appropriately for one’s METABOLIC TYPE.

  • Are you challenged with choosing the right foods?
  • Do you feel unsatisfied from your meals? 
  • Are you overwhelmed and confused about how to address the right amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates for your body?
  • Do you suffer from health conditions such as migraines, eczema, irritable bowel, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue or weight issues?

This program is a perfect fit for you if you

  • Are struggling with fatigue, low energy levels, stress, or anxiety
  • Have a nagging health issue like poor mood, bad digestion, or out-of-whack hormones
  • Have received normal lab test results, but still feel like something isn’t right
  • Are tired of self-diagnosing and trying out new remedies that never seem to work
  • Want the support and resources you need to become the healthiest  version of yourself

Program Benefits

  • Improve your mood and brain function, affecting how you feel about yourself, your relationships with others and your physical health contributing to digestive disorders, trouble sleeping, lack of energy, heart disease, and other health issues.
  • Banish the bloat, exhaustion, and bad digestion so you can focus on living your life, eating without the hassle, and feeling like yourself again!
  • Develop your optimal sleep, energy, blood sugar, and hormone balance, so you not only ACHIEVE your desired weight, but MAINTAIN that weight – with the level of self-control around food you’ve always wanted.
  • Rid your mind of diet culture dos and don’ts, cheat meals, counting grams and calories, and other fad obstacles keeping you from achieving a SUSTAINABLE diet and the self-confidence that comes along with it.

Program Includes

  • 1 – 50-minute initial video consult
  • 6 – 50-minute follow up video sessions
  • Resources/tasks customized to your specific needs, from somatic therapeutic tasks to body-mind spiritual exercises and everything in between.
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Health Panel, Biochemical Imbalances, Food Sensitivities, Micronutrients, Brain Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Gut Health/Microbiome, Genetics, Heavy Metals, Cortisol, Neurotransmitter Function etc. ( Extra fee for Lab Testing )

* Cost of labs and supplements are not included

If you feel like you don’t have the energy and motivation to eat better or do better … there is a reason for that. But guess what ? It’s 100% solvable.  In the 12-week Well Woman Program, we dig for the root causes making you feel the way you do, so I can offer you personalized, nutrition-based solutions, and you can get on with your life and start living again – as the healthiest version of yourself.