Eight Week Food and Spirit Program

Where food meets energy medicine…

Your physical and mental health are uniquely tied to your spiritual health. If any of these fall out of balance, the entire framework comprising your health crumbles. If you’re experiencing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual ailments, the key is to rebalance and revitalize your relationship with food and spirit. The 8-week Food & Spirit Program is designed to do just that, by helping to integrate the following areas of your life into a singular & powerful framework:
  • PHYSIOLOGY – your mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions
  • PSYCHOLOGY – your mind, beliefs, behaviors and beliefs
  • EATING – all aspects of the way you consume and interact with food
  • LIVING TECHNIQUES –  the habits and lifestyle factors affecting your health

Program Includes

Program Benefits

  • Explore what might be out of balance in your body, and learn to nourish your whole self using a color coded, science based paradigm – The 7 Aspects of Health.
  • Embrace energetic thinking without shortchanging science, and discover more about yourself and your relationship with food throughout the lenses of the 7 Aspects of Health – guiding you towards wellness through customized recipes, somatic exercises, recommendations for physical movement, weekly tasks, and introductions to mind-body practices such as journaling, affirmations, guided imagery, and meditation.
  • Engage your WHOLE self.  In the past, you may have found similar programs that tend to focus heavily on food.  The Food & Spirit Program seeks to address the body as a whole, using a multi-faceted professional approach to health concerns, life issues, and toxic barriers.