Fear of Aging?

I have been opposed to it for a long while.

Even before I realized I might be going grey!

The term, “anti-aging”.

It is a baffling term that lacks a definition.

It is not health promoting and it sure sounds negative.

It certainly creates fear, the opposite of FLOW, in so many of us.

What are your thoughts and feelings when you see someone practicing “anti-aging medicine”, or when you see the term in books, on-line, or on TV? I’d love to hear…

I am 100% not opposed to being fit and vibrant until 100+, but I would rather see, “healthier aging”, or another term like “silver-bullet aging”…. (just made that up!)

This brings up your 2nd chakra system: The Sacral Chakra, or what I like to call, FLOW.

FLOW is all about feelings, creativity, play, sensuality, physical movement, water, orange foods, beauty, the reproductive system, urinary system, dietary fats and oils, and more!

What it feels like for you to “flow” throughout life?

Where in life could “go with the flow” more?

How can you bring more “fun” into your life?

Can we accept aging but still move through it without giving up sensuality, silliness, and striving to be our best selves?

Nourish your FLOW chakra with healthy fats and oils, from the more more fluid, unsaturated fats like olive oil, avocado oil, and flaxseed oil to the more solid, saturated fats – butter and coconut oil.

It’s essential to get a proper ratio and balance of the different fatty acids from a variety of these fats and oils. Otherwise, we may experience inflammation and other symptoms, not optimal for healthy aging.

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