You’re Neglecting Yourself. Tip to Re-align

As someone who has struggled with the fight-or-flight response of sympathetic activation, I understand the negative effects of stress on our bodies. 

Neglecting self-care (and I’m not just talking about getting mani-pedi kind of self-care) can exacerbate these responses, leading to an increase in stress hormones like cortisol, hormone and gut dysregulation, and inflammatory cascades. 

These negative effects can make us more susceptible to diseases and have a significant impact on our overall health and well-being.

However, by prioritizing our self-care and establishing a routine of self-reflection and meditation, we can reduce the negative effects of stress and improve our physical and mental health. 

It’s crucial to tune into our bodies and understand what they need, even if it doesn’t come naturally at first. 

By taking small steps towards engaging and connecting with our bodies, we can begin to reduce the negative effects of stress and feel more centered and grounded in our daily lives.

Here’s a great idea that I heard from one of my teachers.  It works for everyone, especially when struggling with stress and nervous system activation  – sympathetic (fight or flight), or freeze. Try asking yourself one or all of these simple questions.

“Am I accessible”, or “Am I off-line?” 

“Do I feel like I have the capacity”, or “ Am I closed off?” 

“Am I leaning in?”, or “Am I guarded?”

These questions can really help you tune into your body and prioritize your self-care, leading to a happier, healthier life.  How do these questions resonate with you?  Do they take a load off?  What are the sensations that are brought to your awareness??

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