Stop “trying” to be happy!

Have you ever thought to yourself, or heard a friend say, “I just want to be happy…”

I’ve thought this way, myself actually, many a time in my life.  Pretty human trait, right? Especially for us movers and shakers! 

Can I get an “amen” on that one?!

Relationships, jobs, home-schooling, losing that 10 or 20 pounds.  If you would just make that one improvement, or change that single thing, it’ll enable you to get to that certain place where everything will be just fantastic.  You’ll finally find the joy and be the happy person that you deserve to be – your IDEAL self is right around the bend!

And then you get it (or there), and you almost feel worse than you did before because you don’t feel the happiness that you were striving so hard for. 

Or, maybe you don’t get what you were striving for.  And once again you feel that you’ll never amount to your big dreams and aspirations….

What the hell is that? 

Everyone knows that the best way of losing a potential mate is to chase them.  Oh, sorry if this is brand new info.  But, now you have this information!

Yet, we still keep doing the same thing over and over. 

Some of the world’s leading experts that I study offer some  “simple” advice……

Stop “trying” to be happy!

Imagine who you want to be and then step towards it. Dream BIG and then do something.  Anything!  The reality is that it’s the simple act of moving “at all” that will change how you feel about the entire process and serve to inspire you along further.

You really don’t need to let go of your big “dream” or “imagined” result, but simply live and let be. (Don’t forget to allow for some messiness on the way!)

Let me be a little intimate with you….

I am not naturally a, “just go with the flow” kind of girl.  Surprised??

Though I am continuously finding in my spiritual growth journey that when I can stay relaxed in the rapid currents of life, if I can just stay relaxed for a moment and even if I go under for a moment my body will surface naturally. 

Flow is meant to be experienced in our lives. 

We are part of it – it allows us to set healthy boundaries, make decisions and get us wherever we need to be when it is time. 

Trust in FLOW!

I’ve taken some literal “inspirations” from my good friend and breath work instructor, AJ (did you notice him at the retreat?) and author of the book, Breath, by James Nestor.

Instead of “bolting” into my day of go and go, I have added a beautiful practice of intentional breath work and chanting to my mornings.  I will be letting you in on some of the changes that I experience.

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