Nutrient Shortfalls and Dis-ease Risk

Do you often wonder how many nutrients you are actually absorbing from your food?  

I do.

Even if you eat your 9 – 11 servings of plants daily, buy locally grown and organic produce, grow your own greens and herbs. Only buy organic pasture-raised beef, poultry and eggs, along with low mercury, wild fish, and only the best legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds and healthy fats and oils.

You might still be under the curve for what you need.

Why, might you ask?


If you’re like me, you are taking on more on these days and you want the best to fortify your high achieving Ferrari!

Are you an entrepreneur, a parent, a caregiver, someone on the frontlines, a cashier?  Heck, you could simply be a healthy and active human, aging in todays society!

You have more expected of you, you are up against a multitude of toxic offenders – not only environmental (air and water pollution, herbicides/pesticides, WIFI, dirty electricity, cosmetics and home cleaning products etc.), but pathogenic and mental/emotional as well. 

You might have some (hidden, or not) gastrointestinal, hormone, immune, or metabolic stressors.

You might be using sugar, alcohol and caffeine help see you through stressful times, but this actually contributes to anxiety and adds more stress to your body, putting you at risk for adrenal fatigue and blood sugar discrepancies.

There should be no surprise that your nutrient needs are increased.

When you are chronically stressed, your body is in a state of deficiency. 

As an example, stress robs your bodies of valuable nutrients like vitamin A, B, C, D and E.  

These nutrients are released from the body to fight inflammation and neutralize free radicals, which are created in response to stress, poor diet, pathogens, etc.

Without these valuable vitamins, your immune system becomes weak and you are less able to fight off viruses and other pathogens.

Stress also exhausts minerals like magnesium, one of the most abundant ones in your body.  Magnesium is necessary for enzyme creation, calcium uptake and anxiety control.

Studies have shown that events like heart attacks and high blood pressure are often accompanied by magnesium deficiency. 

The increased production of stress hormones depletes omega-3 levels, and having a low omega-3 status may increase the production of stress hormones.

Get the info that you need to mount the proper response with the best foods, supplements and lifestyle tweaks to get you health on track.  

Book your “Fall Reboot / 90 Day Plan with Micronutrient Test Panel (MNT)”



What’s included in my Spectracell Micronutrient Lab Test Package:

  • Measurements of key vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants
  • 2 – 30 min virtual follow up sessions
  • 90 day targeted lifestyle action plan
  • Customized 2 week meal plan

The Micronutrient Lab Test will:

  • Give you a measurement of well your cells can withstand oxidative stress 
  • Tell you how well your cells are metabolizing carbohydrates
  • Offer you insights on how adeptly your cells function when launching an immune response

In simple laymen’s terms…..

You’re armed with info to help combat inflammation and aging (“inflamm-aging”), support your metabolism AND your immune system.

Knowing this information, I develop a targeted FOOD, lifestyle and supplementation regimen based your results. Your repletion plan will be unique to YOUR own personal biochemistry at this exact point in your life.

Once cellular deficiencies are corrected, symptoms improve and you should experience systemic benefits. 

Want to read more about nutrient deficiency?

Here is an excellent article talking about the same things as me!

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