Embarrassed to be seen “starting small”

I was listening to one of my favorite business podcasters today, named Brendon Burchard and he told a few stories of his personal transformation. 

The guy is one of the best influencers / motivators I know, and super engaging!  I always pick up a few things while I listen to him.

He said that one of the main reasons that people don’t start pursing their dreams or their big goals is because they are actually embarrassed to be seen “starting small”.

Is this you?

Are you shy of starting your next chapter in life because you need to “work up to it”, or go back to to the very basics to learn with the newbies?

Are you constantly doing the “same old thing” because it’s easy and you are real cozy with it?

I always say how you do one thing, is how you do everything!

Like, for instance eating chips, or your favorite bag of something at the TV.   Or ravaging the fridge after dinner.  Or eating dinner too late.  It’s just what you do.  A pattern that you want to break, but not ready to at this time.

Maybe this IS something you need some coaching on, AND what a great time to join me and my friends on Saturday at, “What the Gut (f$*#) is Going On!?” Natural solutions to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and resolve emotional eating patterns.

My friends, Psychologist Julie Simon & Rita Black,Certified Hypnotherapist will be with us to discuss habits and patterns that have us stuck!

You might change your life by opting in for this free retreat/summit event.  I’ll be interviewing amazing speakers and experts who share tips to reduce your stress + anxiety, and increase your impulse control.  There will even be breakout practice sessions too, in meditation, yoga, breath work and sound healing.  Take a look!

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