“Decoding the Complex Interplay Between Stress, Mitochondria, and Chronic Health Issues”

In the world of health and wellness, understanding what our bodies need can be confusing. Many people come to me with bags of supplements and health plans, but they’re still struggling with things like anxiety, mood swings, gut symptoms and other chronic degenerative issues.

What’s surprising is that often they don’t really know why they’re having these problems or what their triggers are. They might have heard terms like “leaky gut” or “blood sugar issues,” but they don’t understand how their body works underneath.  Doctors, burdened with time constraints or lacking understanding themselves, may not always offer comprehensive insights. ⁉️

I’ve been trying a different approach in my practice these past few years. I look at how things like stress and trauma early in life can affect our body’s energy systems. Research shows that too much stress can mess up how our cells make energy. 🔋

Our cells’ energy factories, called mitochondria, are super important. When they don’t work right, it can lead to problems like diseases and feeling tired all the time and even your risk of developing metabolic issues like thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, non alcoholic fatty liver and even Alzheimer’s disease – often dubbed as diabetes of the brain!

Understanding the intricacies of mitochondrial function can illuminate why we fall ill and age. ⚡

Have you ever paused to compassionately reflect on your past experiences and how they might be influencing your current health?   

It’s a thought-provoking question to ponder as we navigate the interconnectedness of our well-being across time. 😋 😋

If you’re interested in exploring these topics further or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to me to continue this conversation! 

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