Biochemically Out of Whack?

Some of the symptoms of various biochemical imbalance can be fatigue, depression/anxiety, ruminating thoughts, tinnitus, history of perfection, low self esteem, poor immune function, afternoon sugar cravings, food sensitivities, seasonal allergies and more.

All the things that take us away from living like our “true and authentic” selves.

When we have these imbalances it can make our system more predisposed to experience continued trauma and overwhelm – and if we’ve had trauma and, or experience chronic overwhelm, more likely to have imbalances in these areas. It goes both ways…..

Peter Levine, PhD, psychologist, researcher, and developer of Somatic Experiencing defines trauma as….

“external events rather than the responses human beings have to those events. Psychological trauma can happen to anyone when they perceive a situation as a threat and are unable to complete a satisfactory fight, flight or freeze response.”

Our state of balance can end up being a baseline for our nervous system.

Unresolved traumas are stored throughout our nervous system and often show up as physical or emotional overwhelm, digestive issues, fatigue, chronic pain, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, brain fog and more.

This is why in addition to the deep dive I do with my clients on their biology – I teach them how to use somatic tools to directly communicate with their bodies and regulate their nervous system activation.

Clients learn to use these tools independently for their ongoing regulation and increased resilience.

It’s changed my life!

Some of these tools and concepts that I have learned (and use with my clients) from my mentor, Dr. Aimie Apigian, include techniques that she teaches in her 21 Day Journey into Your Nervous System.
Orienting, self-regulation, pendulation, tracking, and co-regulation.

When we can regulate our nervous system we provide energy to our body to allow for repair on a cellular level…

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